Our company offers a host of development capabilities supported by our broad-based networks of alliances. At Hansen PSC, we specialize and excel in three critical development areas distinguishing us within the industry:

With a history spanning 35 years of operation throughout California, coupled with sound financial background research capabilities and analysis, Hansen PSC has established and maintains a rigorous process for all land acquisition. Our variables and formulas for acquisition have stood the test of time and enable us to commit quickly to healthy investments.

Acquiring entitlements is an important part of the development process once land has been procured. We have 30 years experience working with city, county and state government agencies to entitle land for development. Through this experience we have established benchmark processes for all phases of the entitlement process enabling our client's projects to smoothly transition to the approval and construction phases of the development process.


Whether it be finding investors for the totality of the development project or for the end consumers Hansen PSC prides itself in finding the right investors for the project. Pre-construction investors play an important role in the financing process and thus comprise our most trusted business partners. We seek to provide the highest Return on Equity for our investors, maximizing their interest for the highest possible gain. Our post-construction investors consistently find our products are suited especially toward their needs in whatever market space we develop.

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